Hello, I am Travis Clay.  I am a husband, father of two boys and former corporate professional turned ACE Certified Personal Trainer. I am the creator of Weekend Warrior Fitness.


Weekend Warrior Fitness was created to give those busy husband and wives, mothers and fathers, everyday professionals a plan of action to recover and or improve their fitness. The biggest problem of the general population is time.  We spend too much time on our smartphones looking for work out programs, waiting for equipment and wasting effort on exercises that aren’t getting results. I have created a process, that if followed, will maximize your time available into the body transformation you desire.  I know, because it’s the same process I used to change my body composition.




I have always been an athlete and fitness has always been apart of my life.  Once I became apart of the corporate world and started a family I found both athletics and fitness were moved to the backburner.  Life was happening around me and over time I found that I gained 30 plus pounds.


I was embarrassed, tired, weak and discouraged.  I wanted to get back into shape but felt overwhelmed because the things I used to do when I was younger no longer worked.  I didn’t know where or how to start my fitness journey. Most of the time I spent in the gym was looking on my phone for workouts or wasting time with the wrong exercises.  I would get frustrated with no results and give up. I had no plan, no accountability and no motivation.


I became a certified personal trainer.  I understand that we have less time these days to dedicate towards our health.  I have found a proven formula to recovering our fitness and it has become my life’s work to provide this to anyone with a desire for change.  


These days I enjoy being active daily, especially with my family.  My two sons keep me busy. We enjoy beach trips or anything on the water including standup paddleboarding.  You can also find us riding bikes, ninja warrior courses and creating YouTube videos with our GoPro. I play ice hockey with an adult league that I am still competitive with the younger guys and my goal is to eventually play on the same team as my sons.




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