Our group training includes 3-10 people.  This is our flagship format of training. Studies have shown that working out in a group promotes higher levels of self-efficacy.  And let’s face it, won’t we push ourselves harder if we have a buddy?


The group training is a one-hour, full body workout.  We incorporate a metabolic strength training style including a variety of intensities, equipment and modes of fitness.  This allows you to build lean muscle, strengthen and lose fat. The format includes mobility and flexibility drills to move more efficiently, core training for stability, cardiovascular conditioning and recovery.


The group provides accountability and comradery.  This creates a positive environment for growth and change.



Our bootcamps are 60-minutes of high energy built to make you move. They are designed in an alternating set or circuit training format using a wide variety of exercises such as, bodyweight, dumbbells, resistance bands, suspension training systems, kettle bells, med balls, and sandbags.  Burn fat up to 48 hours with the “afterburn effect” or EPOC (Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption).




One on one training is a two-phase strategy.


Phase 1:  

This is a learning phase in your fitness journey.  We will discover your goals and assess your current movement patterns.  We will build your knowledge of basic exercise, warm-ups and recovery, healthy habits and a foundation of functional movement.  You will progress into phase two, group training, bootcamp or Express with confidence.

Phase 2:  

Clearly defined fitness goals.  Whether you desire to hit a certain weight, size, strength, compete in adult-league sports or just want to look and feel SEXY, this phase is all-inclusive.  We will work closely to custom-tailor your workouts to better fit your biomechanics, fitness needs and continue to keep you engaged.





The Express training is for those individuals who are always on the go and/or not local.  We take the same approach as phase 1 and phase 2 of the private training.  Instead of being with you physically we provide a customized program, including instructional videos. 

No more guesswork on how, when and what you should be training.




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